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[add translation of the article] Ryo (and Pi) got Influenza type A

As I'm now out, let me add more detail later.

Ryo Nishikido and Tomohisa Yamashita are infected with Influenza
2009.9.1 17:36

On September 1, through the FAX, their company announced that the members of the popular group NEWS, Ryo Nishikido(24) and Tomohisa Yamashita(24) were infected by the Influenza type A, which is the possible new-type Influenza.

Nishikido was diagnosed as Influenza on 31 and so as Yamashita on 1, then by the direction of their doctor, they decided to stop working and stay at home for a rest until they would recover completely. 

And, according to TBS broadcasting company, the 7th episode of Nishikido's drama 'Orthros no inu'(will be air on 4th) still has unfilmed scene for Nishikido.
Because of this fact, they are discussing about the content of the broadcasting for this episode, and they will decide about the rest of the broadcasting considering Nishikido's condition.

original article from SANSPO.COM
Everybody, take care.

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Either you never worry about them or you never heard of this pandemic new type influenza right /:
Eeee? How did they get it? I would think they would try to be careful with this flu going around.
They had 24hours TV and there were lots of celebrities/TV workers/volunteers/audience and they were too unhealthy at that time because they were sleepless.
And both Ryo and Pi had regular drama filming too, that there could be any patients.
Get well soon Ryo and Pi!
I hope they'll do fine!