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masuda_takahits in k8_mugendai

Ryo will be back: Orthros no inu LIVE special on September 4(Fri)

TBS just announced that they had decided to change the program for September 4(Fri) and they were going to show 'Orthros no inu - Urgent LIVE special issue'.

They are planning to show the live comments from Takky and Asami Mizukawa.

And, Ryo is planning to come back to work for filming on September 4(tomorrow), and he is thinking about appearing on that live special.

The schedule of the rest of the episodes will be announced later.

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this sure is a good news :)
can't wait to watch the live special !
These are great news, the SP soundsreally interesting. Thank you for the update ^_^
I'm worried >"<
Acting live right after recovering :((
I'm soooo happy hearing he's recovering!!
Wishing him a speedy recovery,
and best of luck to the drama!!
Excited for the SP!!
Thanks for sharing!! :)