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k8_mugendai's Journal

8->1 mugendai
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This is a community for Kanjani8 fans to get together
This is a place for all Kanjani8 fans to get together and have fun. Everyone is welcome but to ensure a pleasant and welcoming environment for everyone, before posting, please take a look at the community rules.

Community rules:

* No linking to locked posts. If you absolutely must have them, leave them open for a specified amount of time (no less than 2 days) and then lock them again. No posting asking for people to go to your (locked) journal for things either. That will be grounds for suspension/banning at the maintainer's discretion.

* No sales posts. There are communities for that and this isn't it.

* Be respectful of everyone and their opinions, even if they disagree with yours. Any wank in posts or comments will be deleted. We're here because of our love for Kanjani8, not wank.

* Anonymous posting is not allowed and sockpuppet accounts are strongly discouraged. Meme posting such as any hate/love memes are also not allowed here and will be deleted. (Why love memes too? Because they can get wanky and this still isn't the place for things like that. Those are best left to your own journals for pimping....)

*Tag your post. There will be common sense tags for everything, so please use them. If you don't know how to tag it, then check first before posting. Any posts with the comment 'I don't know how to tag this' will be deleted because that means you didn't read the rules or look at the tags.

* Graphics and fics are allowed under the following circumstances:

Graphics: More than 3 icons must be behind a cut, and ALL wallpapers and banners must be behind a cut. You may have a downsized preview, but to a max of 2. Again, no linking to locked posts.

Fanfics: Fics must be under a cut, and all R/NC-17 fics must be locked to the community, even where the link is leading to your own journal. There must also be the following header (outside of cut):
Pairing: (if any)
Summary: (summarise your story)
A/N: (anything else you want the reader to know)

If it's a multi-chaptered story, please post all previous chapters in each subsequent chapter posting so that those who haven't seen it can read them without having to wade through the tags to find them. If your story/chapter has rated content, please post to the community and lock it, rather than posting to your own locked journal unless you plan to keep to the 'locked journal rule'.
Please tag all graphics and fanfiction with the tags provided. Failure to do so will get your post deleted. (see tags rule)

*Downloads must be locked to the community and please do not disable comments. Give ppl the chance to love on you for what you're bringing to the community. =) Again, if you're linking to your own journal, posts must not be locked as per the rules. Any wank in comments to downloads will be deleted.

* Any posts that have 'I don't know if this is allowed' will be deleted as it means you didn't read the rules